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Who is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontist is a specialist in the restoration of teeth and replacement of missing teeth. This specialty is accredited by the American Dental Association and requires 3 years of advanced formal training after dental school. Board- Certified Prosthodontists have successfully passed on extensive written and clinical examination that verifies this knowledge and skill level.

Patients can be confident that a Prosthodontist is providing them with the best care possible.

Why choose a Prosthodontist?

Choose a prosthodontist because of their advanced education and training, efficiency, and expertise with advanced technology. Prosthodontists are extensively trained in state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for treating complex dental conditions and restoring optimum function and esthetics.

Rigorous training and experience give prosthodontists a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and the preservation of a healthy month.


The most effective solution for missing teeth.

Most people with missing teeth think that the only solution they have is wearing denture. Studies shows that teeth play very important role if comes to self-confidence. Dr Sarantopoulos specialized in restoring his patients smiles with the method called All- on-4.

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